Artist Statement

I make drawings to explore man’s relationship with the urban environment he has built, juxtaposed against his tenuous relationship with nature.  I am intrigued by the unlikely beauty of urban decay and constantly search for images which convey this disparity both visually and conceptually.  My goal is to create work which communicates the continual state of decay and reclamation by nature that I experience living in the city.

For me, the urban landscape appears as an endless grey-scale.  Because of this absence of colour I have chosen to work with charcoal on paper.  The sooty feel of the medium conveys a sort of fading corrosion.  I look for opposing themes of beauty and ugliness, despair and hope. The inconsistency of allowing our created urban environment to decay leaves us without a place to be in the world, alienated from both nature and ourselves. The precise, detailed technique emphasizes the contradiction between our place in nature and the disintegration and gradual decline in soundness of the place we have built.

My current work has grown out of the diversity of my own experience.  Having lived near wilderness, in rural, suburban, and urban areas I clearly see the struggle to find a sense of belonging in the city.  I want to challenge the ideas of urban life being simply glamorous or decrepit and show the everyday, slow failings we constantly live with.

Photo by  Eli Dagostino

Photo by Eli Dagostino




Western Michigan University, Honors College, B.F.A. Painting


Private Collections:

Edward Miller and Monina von Opel

Laurie David


Permanent Collections:

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Massachusetts


Solo Exhibitions:

2000 Spring Studio, New York

2008 Brooklyn Art Space, New York

2017 RPM, New York

Group Exhibitions:

1990 Michigan Artists Competition, Battle Creek, MI

1990 The Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, Kalamazoo, MI

2005 Craven Gallery – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

2007 National Arts Club, New York

2009 Spring Studio 11th Anniversary Show

2010 Grammercy Neighborhood Association Annual Exhibition

2015 “Compositions” Show - Trestle Gallery, New York

2016 Member Salon - Trestle Gallery, New York

2017 Immersive Art Experience - Industry City, New York